As the company has been understood how using voice search could benefit many individuals and entity so we wish to make the technology be of help to as many as we can. That is why we continually develop the technology and see how it could be useful for each entity and what needs they have that could be addressed. We will explain how the technology could work by explaining and giving the illustration of the actual projects that have been made.

A magazine company. This company has been publishing about technology that is used or related to the speech of people but they have not been using the technology they published for their own content to be accessible by many and those who are supposed to read it. That is why the company have made a voice project for them so that content could be access by readers. When they have the content translated into voice and have the required player installed they can now make requests like repeat or skip.

Book Company. The company has been publishing books that cater to the blind people. They use the common brail system so that people who cannot read my eyes could read it by hand. But now the voice technology has come and it is a great way for the blind people to interact, manage and access the data more easily by saying requests like defining the word, next, return or what page?

The products have been tested and a demonstration was given that satisfies the clients.