Privacy Policy

1. Collection and Usage of Personally Identifiable Information

Personal data encompasses information, either alone or combined, that can identify an individual. In our interactions with our product, we gather data actively provided by users or generated during product usage. This includes essential data for application functionality and account security, as well as information obtained from third-party SDKs. Collected data may include International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), iOS Advertising Identifier (IDFA), device Mac address, and device model.

The information we collect varies depending on user interactions, such as visited pages, utilized products, and may involve details like name, gender, mobile device specifics, address, email, phone numbers, login credentials, and more. This policy details how we access and utilize your personal data.

We utilize your personal data for the following purposes:

a. Fulfilling service requests, including product activation, verification, and technical support.

b. Contacting users for product-related information, marketing, surveys, or promotional activities, with user consent.

c. Sending important notifications such as updates and alerts.

d. Leveraging third-party analysis for improved product operation support.

e. Conducting internal audits, data analysis, and research to enhance products and services.

f. Analyzing business efficiency and gauging market share.

g. Troubleshooting errors if users choose to share error details.

h. Synchronizing, sharing, and storing uploaded or downloaded data for necessary functions.

i. Ensuring product, service, and user safety, implementing loss prevention, and anti-fraud measures.

j. Adhering to legal requirements, industry standards, and internal policies.

2. Collection and Usage of Personal Data via Mobile Device Permissions

Upon installation of our product, specific mobile device permissions are requested for standard software operation. These permissions include access to phone status, camera, microphone, location data, storage, network communication, application data, battery, audio settings, system settings, and device information. They are essential for the product’s functionality and are detailed for user review and control.

3. Disclosure of Personal Information

We may share personal data with authorized partners to provide specific services. This includes sharing data with game manufacturers for account registration and transactions. Strict confidentiality agreements are maintained with partners, and disclosure may also occur in response to legal requirements or for safeguarding product, service, and user safety.

4. Personal Information Security

We implement industry-standard security measures to safeguard your information from unauthorized access, disclosure, or modification. These measures include encryption technology, access controls, and privacy training for employees. Personal data retention aligns with business purposes and legal requirements.

5. Third-Party Providers and Services

To enhance user experience, our product may utilize third-party SDKs for advertising, location, data monitoring, and analysis. Users acknowledge that these third parties may collect information, subject to their terms of service and information protection policies. This policy does not extend to third-party services, and users are advised to review and protect their rights accordingly.

6. Policy Updates

This policy is subject to periodic updates, with changes posted here. Material updates may also be communicated through various channels. Last update date: January 2024, effective from that month.

7. Contact Us

For any inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy or related matters, please reach out to us via the CONTACT US page.

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